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Breads and cakes

Neo Kian Guan Confectionery and Cakes also makes the bread and cakes that are common daily breakfast items. The types of cakes we make include butter cake, walnut cake, sponge cake, panda cake, Swiss rolls, banana cake, chocolate cake, cheese cake, and ten piece assorted cakes. The types of bread that we make include White bread, wheat bread, curry bread, char siew bread, tuna bread, fish fillet bread, ham and cheese bread, butter bread, red bean paste bread, kaya bread, chicken floss bread, chicken hot dog bread, luncheon meat bread, pizza bread, sweet corn bread, lotus paste bread, chocolate chip bread, raisin bread, coconut bread, and cheese bread. The cakes and breads are hygienically packed to prevent contamination and easy storage to bring to school or workplace for consumption.