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A fluffy pastry made with green paste filling. This was first introduced from Fujian, China and handed down through the generations from our forefather sunk their roots in Singapore. Tau Sar Peai goes well with a cup of the local kopi O, which brings out its full texture and flavour and bring back many fond memories of yesteryear. Tau Sar Peai means green beans in Hokkien. The fillings consists of a carefully blended mixture of green beans, sugar (for sweet type), salt (for salty type) and a hint of fried onion. This makes it a perfect filling for the light fluffy skin pastries kneaded to perfection resulting in the melt-in-your mouth sensation. Our Tau Sar Peai makes perfect gifts for friends, families, weddings and all sort of festive or religious occasions.

A chewy, crunchy traditional Chinese snacks. Lau Hua is made up of a crunchy core of rice biscuit coated with malted candy and sprinkled with rice flakes. This incredibly delicious snacks is easy down the throat with a freshly brewed Chinese tai guan ying tea.

This is the cousin of the Lau Hua. It is an equally delectable treat with the use of fried sesame seed instead of the rice flacks which imparts a fragrant aroma to the tasty snacks. It is also a popular gift items for birthday, wedding and for other festive or religious occasions.

This snacks is made up of rice flour and a syrupy core made from rock sugar. It is chewy due to the consistency of the mixture and is an excellent slightly sweet candy for the young and elders alike.

Dao teng also known as peanut candy is made of malted candy mixed with peanut and sesame seed. Peanut candy is very crunchy and very fragrant due to addition of the fried sesame seed. It is a delightful snack that goes down well with freshly brew Chinese tea. It is a popular gift items for friends, families as well as for birthday, weddings and religious occasions.