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Traditional pastries for wedding, religious and festive occasions.

Several of our pastries are packaged into different colorful and meaningfil items for wedding, religious and festive occasions. The chin deh (煎 袋) is a rounded form of the Lau Hua and Mua Lau. Chin Deh (煎 袋) is used in Hainanese's wedding. It symbolizes the marriage as being fulfilling and everlasting i.e.婚 姻 圓 滿. The sao tau (壽 桃) and sao mian (壽 面) is used to symbolizes longevity for celebrating birthdays of the silver generation or birthdays of deities. The gao bian wan (糕 餅 碗) and zhao cai gu (招 財 龜), and fa gao (發 糕) are used to celebrate religious occasions and the seven month.

Neo Kian Guan Confectionery and Cakes also produces a range of handmade Chinese New Year goodies ranging from pineapple tarts, love letters, kueh bangkit, prawn rolls etc.

煎 袋

壽 面

發 糕

糕 餅 碗

招 財 龜